• Offer Your Price
    Let your customers to suggest their price for products in WooCommerce

  • Shop Global Discount
    Add global discount to all WooCommerce products

  • Price Formats
    Set different WooCommerce price formats for different currencies. Set general price format options

  • Currency per Product
    Display prices for WooCommerce products in different currencies

  • Product Price by Formula
    Set formula for automatic WooCommerce product price calculation

  • Price by user Role
    WooCommerce Price based on User Role. Display WooCommerce products prices by user roles

  • Currency Exchange Rates
    Automatic currency exchange rates for WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce Multicurrency Product Base Price
    Enter prices for WooCommerce products in different currencies

  • Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price)
    Let your WooCommerce store customers enter price for the product manually

  • Multicurrency (Currency Switcher)
    Add multiple currencies (currency switcher) to WooCommerce

  • Wholesale Price
    Set WooCommerce wholesale pricing depending on product quantity in cart (buy more pay less)

  • Bulk Price Converter
    Multiply all WooCommerce products prices by set value

  • Currency for External Products
    Set different currency for external WooCommerce products

  • Prices and Currencies by Country
    Change product’s price and currency automatically by customer’s country

  • All Currencies
    Add all world currencies to your WooCommerce store; change currency symbol
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